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Not Your Everyday Mega Man.

Reviewing: Capcom Mega Man Legends  |  Rating:
By Collin Skeen on
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In Mega Man Legends, Capcom's franchise makes the jump to 3D on the Playstation game console. Many people feared that this game would be the first step towards actually killing the Blue Bomber. However, this game exceeded MANY expectations, including my own.

The game follows Mega Man Volnutt on his search for the legendary Mother Lode, a huge treasure. His adventures bring him to Kattleox Island, where pirates, the Bonne family, are attacking in search of the same treasure. Mega Man must fight the pirates while trying to find the treasure, and find out his past. The story is actually REALLY good and well written. Throughout the game, you find yourself asking so many questions, and many, but not all, are answered in the end.

The game's graphics are common for games of the era. Mega Man sports a new anime-look, but all of the characters seem really natural. The world is vibrant and really sets the atmosphere in the game. The overworld, an island, is nice and sunny, while the underground mines are very dark and mysterious, allowing for a few scares here and there. The music, once again, isn't breathtaking, but it really sets the mood, and that's what this game is all about.

Overall, this game was a great buy. I came into it not expecting much, but I left it wiht a new game on my top ten list of all time. I highly recommend Mega Man Legends, if you can still find it!