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Note To Self...Go For The Bulk Next Time.

Reviewing: Thinsulate Shin High Faux Fur Lace Up Boots  |  Rating:
imasooite By imasooite on
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The day I bought these boots started off really bad. I just knew it wouldn't get any better. They weren't even my first choice, I was more or less stuck with them. I was hoping to get a different pair that looked a lot warmer than the ones I ended up with. The only problem was they were display boots and had two different sizes. I guess Walmart gets a bunch of different sized shoes in deliveries. The reason why I was needing boots then and there was the fact that it was snowing pretty badly and there wasn't an end in sight. Where I come from, we have something like 6 or so months of winter. The Thinsulate boots were my last resort. And for $25 I couldn't really go wrong. Or so I thought.

I do have to admit though, they were pretty cute. The boot went halfway up my shin with laces that tied at the top. They were black with a darkish grey faux fur on the inside and along the sides where the laces were. The heal wasn't big at all, not that you would want it to be for the winter. All in all, they seemed like a pretty good boot. I was very sceptical of how thin they were compared to all the other winter boots around. The one thing that sold me on the boots was it's slogan: "Warmth without the bulk". I've owned a few other Thinsulate products in the past, so I figured they'd be the best choice.

The first few days of winter weren't that bad. So the boots stood up to their motto then. Until it snowed more and it became unbelievably cold. I forgot to mention that the boots came with a tag attached to them saying they'll withstand cold conditions that reach up to -40c. Also that they do not absorb wetness. With that being said...I experienced the total opposite!! It never really did get that cold this winter but it sure was wet everywhere. I remember some days walking home from work, where it was actually painful to step on the ground because it was so cold! My feet were numb within 10 minutes of being outside. I tried the double socks and even wool socks. Nothing seemed to keep my feet warm. These things were worse than if I were wearing plastic bags!! Then when it started to get warmer out and the snow was melting, in came the wetness. I had to walk around all day in cold soaked socks for the longest time. It became too much that I through them away and wore sneakers for the rest of the winter.

I checked out their website and had a good laugh. They promote these boots saying "Not even water can dampen its warmth", "For the ultimate in cold-weather performance". After going through what I did this past winter, I can honestly say that I will be investing more money into winter boots and will do more research before buying. I'd advised everyone the same. And to stay clear of Thinsulate women's boots!!