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Nothing Sews Like A Bernina.......Nothing

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This is my sewing machine, the Bernina Record 930 Electronic sewing machine. I have had this since 1982 and it has served me without fail for all these years. I just learned this Bernina sewing machine is the most highly sought after used Bernina machine by both the regular home and professional sewers. It is an all metal machine and made in Switzerland.

When I purchased this machine (and I had to take out a loan to buy it) we had just had our second daughter and I was planning to be a stay at home mom until she was off to school. So I took up sewing and sold at arts and craft shows and in a small bakery which displayed my work for over 5 years. I sewed from the time I got up until the time I laid my head on the pillow.

I could list all the features out of the manual but I will ist some that I like the most:

1. I love the ease of changing the thread and threading the bobbin. I can do it in my sleep.

2. The needle stops in the up position and all I need to do is tap my foot on the foot control to lower it and I can go one stitch at a time if needed, I can go slow or as fast as I want.

3. This is an open arm machine with a detachable table which you can attach or remove with a quick push or pull and you're ready to go.

4. The needle is easy to adjust to center, left or right postions for special craft projects that I did.

5. It comes with a variety of sewing feet for every need. With the flick of a lever I can remove or change a foot at any time.

6. I can change the stitch witdth and length instantly.

7. I can't say enough about the tension control with all the different types of material I have sewn with over the years.

8. It comes in a great carrying case which opens and closes with two slide sections on the side.

9. Everything has a place in the case as you can see from my picture.

10. This is an electronic machine (non computerized) so less things that can go wrong with it. I've had it professionally cleaned and serviced twice since I purchased it, not really because it had to be but I wanted it checked over by an expert to keep it running smoothly.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea that I like this machine and would recommend a Bernina to anyone that does a lot of sewing. It was a lot of money back in the 80's but I'm happy to say that it has held its value if you look at what some of these sell for on ebay.

My nonstop days of sewing for a living are long gone but this machine has been used regularly over the years. I do plan to purchase a table to mount it in as it is a very heavy machine and we're not getting any younger!!

Update On Sep 12, 2008: I have to correct myself on the year that I got this machine. My daughter was born in 1982 but I didn't get this machine until 1985. I also noticed that I mispelled the name of the store where I purchased it which should be Lakeshore Sewing (I left the "s" out). I can see more clearly now with cataract surgery on one eye, I can't wait to see what I find when I get the other one done!