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Nothing's Out Of Reach Anymore

Reviewing: Duro Med Industries (Dmi) 32" Aluminum Reacher  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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When my mom recently broke her right foot, left leg, and right hip, mobility became a huge issue. For several months, she was in a nursing home rehab, confined to a wheelchair, and later a walker. Balance was always difficult for her, even before the rehab, and it didn't take much for her to fall. So along with many other medical devices that helped her remain safe, this aluminum reacher was a blessing.

Both of us are short to start with, so reaching things off of high shelves is always a challenge. But when you are physically impaired, it becomes even more of a challenge. This reacher is like having a longer arm, for all those difficult to reach places. No more standing on your toes, or overreaching, which can strain muscles. If you have a limited range of motion due to injury or surgery, this device will help to increase your reach by 32". Not bad, huh? It's a great item for arthritis sufferers also.

It easily grasps objects beyond your reach, with a secure hold that doesn't require a lot of effort, and keeps you from not only overreaching, but from having to bend, as well. It is very lightweight and effective. These reachers are available in various sizes, and can probably be purchased quite a bit cheaper than this, but since I needed so many other items from the medical supply store, I went ahead and purchased this there also.

These are excellent for people without mobility problems as well. So many injuries are caused by bending improperly, or over stretching to reach things. So all of us could benefit from a reacher. The magnetic tip will easily pick up lightweight metal, without any effort at all. It's a great product that everyone should have in the home.