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Now: The Perfect Brand Of Liquid Chlorophyll For Me

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Now Triple Strength Liquid Chlorophyll

I have taken liquid chlorophyll for some time and can really feel a difference in my overall health. Since I began taking the supplement, I have tried different brands and Now Triple Strength Liquid Chlorophyll has become my favorite. Liquid Chlorophyll is often called an internal cleanser. I believe this to be true, given my recent regularity. The supplement has also been linked to improved cellular function, better cardiac health, lung health, and has healing properties.

I've been on a health kick for the better part of my life. I feel taking supplements is beneficial to my heath and wellbeing. I notice a lag if I miss a day or run out of something. Since I began taking Liquid Chlorophyll, I have noticed the Now triple strength really works well for my lifestyle and me. The cleansing benefits are much improved over the other brands I have tried. I feel better overall. My skin has taken on a healthier glow and my eyes are brighter. My bowels are more regular and my period has become less painful. In addition, unbelievably, my morning breath is not as stinky.

Now Triple Strength Liquid Chlorophyll is very thick and green, almost like syrup, but not gritty like others I've tried (Bernard Jensenand Chlorofresh Mint). The flavor is good, very similar to those mint candies you get after dinner at restaurants. Best of all, the dosing is only one teaspoon a day where the others required more.

I am a believer in liquid chlorophyll and I have seen results. I would like to note here that all the Liquid Chlorophyll supplements I have tried changed the color of my feces to green. My urine also has a faint green hue. This may bother some people, but I feel the results are well worth the change.

After an extended search, I have found my permanent brand of the supplement: Now Triple Strength Liquid Chlorophyll. If you are looking for a supplement to help remove toxins from your body, and make you feel better overall, you may want to try this one.


Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin extracted from alfalfa

Vegetable Glycerin

De-ionized Water

Peppermint Oil

Potassium Sorbate

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