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Noxema Revisited

Reviewing: Proctor & Gamble Noxema Facial Cleanser W/Eucalyptus Oil  |  Rating:
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While growing up I became a dedicated user of Noxema to wash my face daily and I used this product for a number of years. When new products came on the market I always stayed with the good old Noxema because I liked the feeling of my skin after using it, not to mention the tingle it provided.

When I eventually moved away from it and went on to other cleansers I shelved this old friend for awhile and it wasn't until recently that I decided to go back to it again. The 300ml jar I purchased recently includes Eucalyptus oil and other moisturizers and is intended for dryer skin. I drink far more coffee than a person should (seriously I'm working on soaking back more water now than coffee) and I know that caffeine can have an effect on the skin causing dryness to appear so I wanted to try and avoid this if possible. It was a perfect reason to step back in time to an old brand name product with a new little twist but with the old familiar creamy white cleansing cream and the familiar Noxema smell..

The first time I used the Eucalyptus Oil Noxema wow - it actually felt like it was burning and I wasn't certain that I'd be able to continue using it but I've been back with it now for about 3 months and today my skin is feeling and looking pretty darn good if I can be allowed to let ego step in here for a moment. I use this morning and night and follow with a good moisturizer and I'm very pleased with the results. I've not had any irritations or problems using this product and it really leaves the face feeling tingly clean.

This product is still great for cleansing almost any skin type and it removes makeup easily. This product can either be used with water to form a bit of a lather (although it doesn't lather like soap) or it can be massaged into the skin and wiped off with a warm, wet face cloth. Due to the ingredients you would not want to get this near your eyes - trust me, it will burn like crazy! Not that I've experienced it mind you...oh, you guessed did you? Well then, let my pain be your gain. I'd just like to clarify though, it was an accident but ...eyes.. keep em closed with this stuff - I know I don't really have to tell you that but I did anyway because after all, lessons are always good to pass along just in case.

I don't know if someone with really overly sensitive skin would react to it, I am fairly prone to reaction and so far I've had none but I wouldn't recommend this for those with very oily - I'd probably recommend a Noxema product that doesn't include additional moisturizers or oils.

The jar is still the age old blue color but now it is plastic. The jar top tightens securely so the cream doesn't dry out and it's relatively easy to get out just what you need to apply to your face each washing. Overall, I'd continue to recommend this product to others as it still cleans the skin well while leaving it smooth and fresh feeling.