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Nurofen Pain Relief For Kids

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By rinaus on
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My son is 8 months old; it is a teething time for him. Therefore, he sometimes gets high temperature, and I gave him some panadol. First time he vomited all. Second time is the same. I assumed that some kids don't like taking medicines. Then, it was the same at the next day. After that, I tasted a bit to know why he was vomiting; I have to say it was horrible taste that I also vomited as soon as the liquid got into my throat. It was horrible taste! I read the label said vanilla flavor, but I could not find any vanilla flavor there. The day after I went to the pharmacy to replace the panadol by others I asked for something is a bit sweet taste, or it is not too horrible taste like Panadol. The staff gave me Norofen with strawberry flavor and orange flavor. I took Orange flavor with hope because I did not know how the taste is. Go home and try it again. I tasted first, and it was sweet with a bit orange flavor at the beginning. When I swallow it, it was a bit bitter at my throat, but it was better taste than Panadol. This time I gave my son, he took all smoothly without vomiting, and I found out he likes it. Sometimes the bitter taste is the better cure, but if the kids vomit all, how the medicine can cure the pain!