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Nutramigen Baby Formula

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I had plans to be able to breastfeed my baby when he arrived. However, I knew there was a big possibility that I would not be able to. I also knew that there was a big possibility that he would have tummy troubles like his daddy. I prayed that didn't happen. I prayed that I was able to breastfeed him. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. After I was unsuccessful with breastfeeding the first formula my son started out on was the regular Enfamil Lipil. It was clear within a few days he was unabled to tolerate it. After switching formulas the first few months of his life he ended up on this Nutramigen.

It really is a lifesaver! It has allowed us to all get some much needed rest and sleep. It helped tremendously with my son's reflux that turned out to be partly due to cows milk protein sensitivity. This formula is made for babies that are showing signs of colic. Also some dr's will prescribe this formula for babies who have problems with severe constipation. The reason this formula helps is because the proteins are already broken down for the baby. Some babies just aren't able to digest the proteins on their own yet. This formula is also a lactose free formula.

On the enfamil website it says "Nutamigen Lipil is a hypoallergenic formula designed for babies with cows milk protein allergy symptoms such as colic, rash, diarrhea. Nutramigen Lipil is clinically proven to quiet your baby's colic symptoms fast, often within 48 hours."

My son did seem to have some loose stools prior to starting the nutramigen however after being on it for 2.5 months he all of a sudden got diarrhea really bad. At first we thought it was a virus but finally after test were ran and he didn't appeared to be sick the dr realized it was the nutramigen giving him the diarrhea. It does this in some babies because it is so sensitive. This just happened to be right around the time my son was ready to start solids so that helped with the issue.

I also did not see the drastic change within 48 hours but I see a drastic change if I try to put him on something other than nutramigen. His cow's milk allergy symptoms clearly come out. He starts getting congested and begins waking up very frequently at night.

This formula comes in 16 oz cans which is what I buy. Depending on what store you buy it from it is approximately $26.00 a can. It is one of the most expensive formulas on the shelf. It is worth every penny when you have a baby who is in pain though. It also comes in Ready to Use Liquid 32oz cans and 3 and 6 oz bottles also Concentrated Liquid 13 fl oz cans.

For any mother who has a baby with excess gas, fussiness, reflux, colic, spit up I HIGHLY recommend this formula. Some insurances will even pay if you get a prescription from the pediatrician.