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Nutramigen Lipil For Colic

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This formula has been amazing for us! After breastfeeding my daughter failed due to lack of supply, we had to turn to formulas. She tried many of them! The regular formulas left her horribly fussy, gassy, and congested. At first I thought that was normal but it just kept getting worse. Then we found a formula that was 75% lactose free. That made the symptoms better but not completely.

We went to her 2 month pediatrician appointment and the doctor said it sounded like our daughter had a milk allergy. She wanted us to try Enfamil Nutramigen Lipil. This hypoallergenic formula states that it can get rid of Colic symptoms within 48 hours. It is true! These Colic-type symptoms have been linked to cow's milk-protein allergies found in infants. Nutramigen is lactose free and sucrose free.

This formula is available in Powder (1 pound cans), Ready-to-use Liquid (32 fl. ounce cans), and Concentrated Liquid (13 fl. ounce cans).

It was amazing how fast our daughter changed. She went from screaming all day to actually smiling and sleeping! The gassiness she had experienced improved greatly and even the horrible congestion cleared up. It is now 4 months later and things are still great with this formula!

The main problem with this formula is that it is very expensive! The 16 ounce can of powder is around $25.00. The can makes around 113 ounces of formula. Right now one can will last us around 3 days so that can add up quickly. I really think that is horrible because for parents of children with a milk allergy, this can be their only choice. No one wants their baby to be sick because of what they are eating.

So if your newborn is constantly fussy, gassy, has a rash or diarrhea and is congested (along with a few other symptoms), they may have a milk-protein allergy.

Of course you should always ask your child's doctor before switching their formula.

This page from Emfamil offers a free sample Nutramigen Lipil Sample