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Nuva Ring Birth Control

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I use birth control regularly and till now have been taking birth control pills and for me this has been an easy and quick way of not only providing birth control, but also regulating my monthly period. However, one thing I dislike about taking oral contraceptives is that you have to remember to not only take it every day, but also try to take it about the same time everyday. For me, this has always been difficult, so the last time I visited my OB/GYN, I asked her about something I could start taking that I wouldn't have to remember to deal with as much. I had considered the patch, but was unsure about how it would stay on with an active lifestyle.

My doctor recommened that I start using the Nuvaring. She said that she herself had used it for a long time and loved it. She told me that it gave a low-dose of hormones that would work effectively as a birth control method, but for me, who has suffered with irregular periods all my life, would help keep me regulated. She said it's really easy to use and other than changing it every 3 weeks, you put it in and forget about it.

She gave me my first ring to try out the day I was in her office. She showed me how to put it in and I must admit that it was a lot more tricky than she let on. It didn't want to stay squeezed together long enough to insert it so I basically just had to push and shove until I got it up inside, then I pushed it up as far as it would go and from that point, i forgot about it. Once it was inside I couldn't feel it. I did get a little freaked out for a while thinking it would fall out, but every now and then I would check on it and it would be perfectly in place.

I love that once you get it in, you can't feel it and that you don't have anything to remember every day. Also, on the Nuvaring website, there is a clock you can download to help you keep track on when it's time to take the old one out and put a new one in.

I haven't had any side effects from taking the Nuvaring. I've had some cramping but since I cramp normally, I don't think this is a side effect from the ring.