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Nvidia 7300le

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By mdonaghey075 on
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This video card was not great to say tghe east unfortunately. I am an avid gamer and bought this card as it seemed ok around time of purchase but upon delivery i realised this card was simply not up to scratch as it could not keep a good frame rate even on basic games such as call of duty 2 where it reached a maximum of aroound fifteen frames per second.

the card ran videos just fine and could run windows vista so for a casual desktop user lookuining to watch videos and have their pc running moderately fast this card is fine for the job but for any big gaming enthusiast it just is not up to scratch.

The card could run photoshop and other packages similar to it but could not run them quick at all.

The card was unfortunately a dissapointement and was very shortly shifted out and resold to a local second hand shop as for me it qould simply not do, that is why i moved on to a far superior card the radeon hd3870.

If you are a big enthusiast towards gaming or photo editting etc stay away from this card.