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O Man, Oman!

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Oman, it's the California of Arabia. I travelled there for a week (well, more than a week, but I'll get to that later) with my younger sis, my father, and my Uncle. We had a splendid time! At first, we weren't even planning on going to Oman. We were hanging out in Qatar and just about to go to Nepal when Nepal broke out into another one of its yearly civil wars. The State Department kindly told us that going there might be a bad thing so we went to Oman instead. My Uncle told us that he heard from some guy that Oman was pretty nice and not so hot (it was June). We were a tad tired of being in 125 degree heat so we flew to the Dofar region of Oman, where the monsoon season was just starting. The mountains surrounding the city of Salalah were green and the wadis (seasonal rivers) were full of water. The place was beautiful. The people were pretty chill too. The people that we came across were super nice and really laid back. Dofar is a less populated region, so most of the women wore full hijab, but my sister and I didn't have to. There is no law requiring it. The women from the Philipines, India and other places wore jeans, t-shirts, and saris. The only time we had to cover our heads was when we were in a mosque visiting the grave of the Prophet Job (by the way, he's burried in Oman). I have to say, I was surprised at all the things to see and do there. We visited the ruins of a fort, the ruins of a Palace once belonging to the Queen of Sheba, and hung out with some camels at a farm. I found out that camels love me. Seriously, they swarmed me as if I were covered in honey (I wasn't).

There are a few unfortunate things about Oman, but I would still recomend visiting this country. We were at the Salalah Hilton, which was super nice, but there weren't too many other nice hotels in the area. Also, restrooms are rather "unique, " outside the hotels, and aren't much more than ditches. The worst thing that happened to us though involved a taxi ride and a two day hospitilization. Let's just say that not all taxi drivers are created equal. Things got rather annoying after the crash what with the police report, the flight cancelation, and me sleeping on the hospital floor, but people were very kind to us and I don't regret the trip at all.