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Objection! Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

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kurenai By kurenai on
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This is the much awaited fourth game in Capcom's famous lawyer game genre. Surprisingly, unlike the last three games, this game is a new story and does not center about the previous games' protagonist, Phoenix Wright.

Our protagonist is now a fellow named Apollo Justice, who has a different personality from Phoenix. The game has only two recurring characters from the previous three games, as well, putting more emphasis on this game's new story.

The gameplay is polished immensely, removing the annoyance of psyche locks and replacing them with forensic investigation (fingerprinting kits, luminol, etc) and watching witnesses for indications of lying (i.e., a twitching eye, nail biting, etc.) These two new concepts are very creative and improve the game vastly.

The only annoying part of the game is that some testimonies are iridiculously hard, making a guide no choice. For us slightly elitist gamers, looking up a guide every five minutes can get annoying.

I played this game for about an hour on a friend's DS, but I will definetly be buying it later on in the week. Highly recommended!