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Oblivion Has Never Ever Looked So Good

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Every now and then in a gamers' life he experiences something called the perfect game when for the first time his hands touch the keyboard or controller he experiences something majestic, outstanding, breathtaking (trust me I could go on and on) Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the finest RPG ever made to date the undisputed king of the castle The Elder Scrolls IV a.k.a. Oblivion.With all those accolades I so easily bestowed on this majestic game when would be right in asking why? What's so special about Oblivion what sets it apart from the un original RPG chasing pack well allow me to elaborate

The Elder Scrolls series is known for its sheer size and depth and Oblivion is no exception whatsoever. This is a game that you could lose yourself in, spending hours exploring a fantasy world, traveling for miles and only pausing to take the most essential breaks like answering Nature's call. The sheer quantity of options and activities available to the player in Oblivion is unprecedented the player can decide whether he wants to go crusading to eradicate evil in many crypts and dungeons or join various guilds and rise through the ranks to eventually become their leader. Or if it's adventure and exploration one craves you can visit all the different towns and solve all the many quests that brings. Personally my favourite is competing in a long series of gladiatorial battles to the death in the Arena for Gold and Glory with the target of one day reaching the level of esteemed Grand Champion. But if you've always wanted to be an outlaw why not just break into someone's home and rob them blind while they sleep but be warned should the city guard catch you be prepared to face the consequences or If you crave the life of a paranormal entity all you need do is contract a disease that leads to vampirism and then within a few days you will become one of them! You are also allowed to express your business savvy skills by investing in your favorite shop provided you have the mercantile skill to match though, if you think that surely has to be it think again there is still plenty more but I'll leave it to you to discover

Oblivion lives up to this pedigree, putting you into a massive, cohesive, highly immersive world. You get to create your own character--the possibilities for customization seems limitless--and then explore the world as you will. There is a positively compelling main quest for you to follow which takes about 50 hours to finish the first time you attempt it but fear not the sheer quantity of side-quest and additional activities can easily have your game surpassing the hundred hour mark and for any gamer who prides themselves on value for money you can't beat that. The side quests make up the majority of the game's content and are very often worth your while to complete as you often are rewarded with enchanted items powerful shields and destructive weaponry to bolster your arsenal.

Another note worthy point about Oblivion is the fact that the NPC's and other characters in the world are just like you they have conversations amongst themselves in the streets and when it gets dark they leave their jobs and head to the local pub to unwind with a drink with a couple of mates this is the first time ever in an RPG I have ever really felt that the world around me truly is living, breathing and interacting I truly take my hat off to you Bethesda for making such an impeccable game and I'm sure every other RPG developer is making notes. If you're a fan of open world RPGS then look no further than Oblivion this is a absolute must play! ALL HAIL THE UNDISPUTED KING OF RPGS OBLIVION!!!!!!!