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Oblivion Xbox 360

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By simon on
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Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion is one of my favourite games on the Xbox 360 so far. It has great crisp HD details that look fantastic on the right TV as well as a wide variety of endless options theplayer can undertake. Players can change the appearance of their character to many different styles, use many different weapons or even do many different missions (not in one story line). Although there is a main story line to follow, players can freely undertake other missions if they wish instead of following the main storyline, or even stroll around in the massive landscape that has been created. Thus, making the game playable a second time in which it wont be the identical to the first. Players can be many different races, each with their own unique abilities. For instance, you can be a dark elf, in which you are resistant to fire. This makes it fun fo everyone as you can be many different characters instead of being stuck with one you may not like. My favourite thing about oblivion, is how all the different characters have lives themselves, they go and hunt, sleep, eat even engage in conversations. This makes the game even more realistic as it makes it feel as if you're not the only one playing. If you're planning on buying oblivion, make sure you have a lot of spare time as it engulfs you into endless hours of playing. Oblivion is an awesome adventure game where players can basically do whatever they want, living somewhat of a second life in the gaming world.