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Ocean Complete Sinus Irriation The Story Of Relief

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Sinusitis. It is evil. I have tried everything to exorcise the beast. Last weekend I went to the grocery store. There were little demons everywhere hacking and coughing. On my way home I stopped at the drug store to get some sinus rinse. The myth is that is you rinse your sinuses out before the cold can get ahold - you can stop it in it's tracks. Knowing I might be sick I wanted a one time use deal. There it was staring me in the face. I liked the idea of Ocean Complete because unlike it's competitors it came with moistrizing glycerin and a rinse attachment. I usually use a neti pot so I wanted a good seal. Without a seal it will just run out the same nostril. You want it to run out the other side. I can tell you this is better than neti because it is pressurized and it really seemed to reach the farthest parts of my sinuses. I have never had such a clear head before. Unfortunately, I still got the cold. I can vouch that it did keep my head less congested. However, it did not completely stop the cold from taking root either. So good for allergies, dry nose, and emergency use situations. Not good for colds.