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Ocean Park Hong Kong

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By ladychai on
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Wow, the place is very huge!!!

Unlike the oceanarium here in the philippines, Hong Kong's Ocean Park not only showcases the diverse life of sea creatures but it also offers rides and such.

From Kowloon we travelled by Bus to Aberdeen as it is cheaper that way. By the time we arrived at the oceanarium entrance we were awed by big balloons, I wanted to ride but I also got side tracked by the circus performers then also we had to wait for a long time for our turn so we went to the Giant Panda Habitat instead. The sanctuary is jam packed with people, you'd have to wait in line for a glimpse of An An and Jia Jia, the two panda residents of ocean park. It was a nice experience, my first time to see a panda eat bamboo shoots and lay around.

After that we went to the Panda Village were I saw and learned about firefox. And I thought firefox was just a browser hahaha...These rare red pandas are very adorable. I wish I can own one. We then went to the Gator Marsh and psed with, well...alligators. We checked out the Gold Fish Treasures and learned about different kinds of gold fish.

We rode the ocean express towards the summit station walked towards boardwalk then towards light house lanes where we were educated about the marine diversity. We watched the sea lions but were not able to see them perform because by the time we arrived the show was done.

We then went to see the dolphin show, we ate our lunch and proceeded to the Atoll Reef. The reef is very big, I believe we had to go down like 3-storeys before we were done. We had to push our way because there are a lot of people who also went there after the dolphin show. Be careful here though because the place is always jam-packed you can never tell if there are any pickpockets around.

After all the site, it's time for the rides. I convinced everyone to ride "The dargon" I was so thrilled because there were actually two rings in the roller coaster, I was imagining the thrill. Everyone chickened out and decided to ride the ferris wheel instead, I went along then I saw the flying swing whilst the ferris wheel was making its round, I convinced my friend to ride but she does not want to. With or without them I rode the flying swing and I was joined by kids hahaha. I would have wanted to go for another round but everyone decided they will try the roller coaster so without hesitation, I led them to the dragon.

I was dismayed, the dragon isn't as thrilling as I expected it to be. The ride was too short and I did not like their safey bars, you do not have room to move.

We rested for a while then walked towards the abyss and the eagle. Because it was late most of the rides were already closed. My friends decided to eat out so we did after that we rode the Crazy Galleon, it was the only ride left that is still open. My friends decided to stay somewhere near the middle because they did not want to risk wasting the expensive food they ate. But I was feeling a bit of a thrill seeker that time that I decided to ride at the last bench. It was very nice, almost wasted my food but no, I held on.

After that walked and walked and then walked some more until we reached our final destination, the cable cars. Lucky us it was still open and we had the cable cars all to ourselves. The scenery was really great, yet another satisfying experience at the ocean park.

It was time to go but we decided to buy some souvenirs first, whilst in a shop, the rain poured heavily and we got trapped. We waited for the rain to stop and ran towards the exit. The rain poured once again and this time it did not stop. I was forced to buy a raincoat for HKD47, that's very expensive for a rain coat and I was even very picky with my souvenirs, making sure it is not more than HKD30. Moral of the story, always be ready. Oceanpark is still a few minutes away from the bus stop, it is best to bring something to protect you in case of circumstances like rain.