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Ocz Ddr2 Pc2 8500 Reaper Hpc 1066 Mhz

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Image for OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Reaper HPC 1066 Mhz

I bought this memory after buying a new motherboard (Asus P5Q). The memory is big and beefy, looks the part too with the Heat pipes. I purchased 4 x 1 GB, its quite heavy memory and was a little worried that all 4 sticks in their slots would bow the motherboard a little. In the end their was nothing to worry about, Asus make a nice sturdy motherboard.

I pondered on whether to purchase the DDR3 or the DDR2 type of this memory, In the end I went for DDR2 mainly due to the price of DDR3 at that time.

Overclocking wise this memory can be pushed quite high..thats what its designed to do. A lot of pc peripheral manufacturers nowdays make their products with overclocking in mind as there is a growing market for people who like to push their Pc's to the limit to get the last ounce of mhz out of the product, you can certainly do that with this memory combined with other quality parts and knowledge in what you are doing!. But if your a normal everyday user please don't be put off by all that overclocking stuff..just stick the memory in the slots and away you go..simple as that.

Straight out the box this memory runs at 5-5-5-15- The memory has Enhanced performance profiles or EPP Programmed into the SPD - I would take a look in your Bios Just to make sure everything is as it should be...pc's can be stubborn at times.

I would recommend this memory to anyone wanting speed, stability and looks memory wise.