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Odorless Paint

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poshpost By poshpost on
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When my brother in law got married, he had his room (next to ours) remodelled. With that comes the re-painting. I did not know that I was already pregnant at that time. He said the paint that they are using was the Davies Bio-Fresh Odourless and Anti-Bacteria Paint in Green Note color.

I wondered, if it was odourless, I really felt like gagging everytime I smelled it. I would lock myself in our bedroom and close the door and windows and burn aromatherapeutic oils to mask the smell. But in the hallway, I really felt like throwing up when I smelled the paint. It smelled like stale fish. Yuck!

Then I found out I was pregnant. I did not know if the smell was because my nose was sensitive and I was really nauseated with conception.

Then I worried about lead content. But my brother in law assured me that this paint has no added lead and mercury. Well that was a reassurance especially that I was only 5 weeks pregnant when the painting was being done.

Other features of the paint is that it is anti-bacterial and fungus and algae resistant. So it is easy to maintain. It has been almost 2 years now since the repainting and yeah, I don't see fungus growing on the walls even if the room could not be reached by direct sunlight.