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Of Mice And Men Short Book, Big Emotions

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By zirchxworld on
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One of Steinbeck's shortest novels if not his shortest but definently not his least! One of the best novels i have ever read. I read this novel in 2007 when i was a junior in highschool. At first i was dreading to read another novel in school but this one book changed my look on life.

The book is about two workers, George and Lenny who live in California in 1920's. They made a decent living working in the fields doing labor work until one day George's mentally retarded friend Lenny gets in a confrontation with a girl in a red dress. The girl in the red dress then goes through town screaming Lenny had raped her and the two flee town to Soledad to start a new.

The ending of the book is extremely sad. Lenny accidently kills his boss's son's wife. I would just call her by name but the book always referrs to her as curley's wife (probably to show how controlling curley was). Lenny knows it was a terrible thing to do and he gets very upset for messing up again and again. So once again the whole town is looking for Lenny (George included) with guns and weapons. George wants to find Lenny first so no one hurts him but when George finds Lenny he ends up killing him. Lenny was George's bestfriend but George knew his bestfriend couldn't change and it might be best for him and everyone else if he isn't around anymore.

Thats what i really got out of this book, is if even your bestfriend you've known forever is screwing up your life (on purpose or not) you may be better off without this person no matter how much it hurts. In a lot of ways i could relate to the story and althought the book was a bit short for my taste it is still one of my favorites. I loved this book!