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Off Active Bugspray

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By phoebe on
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OFF has put their bug spray into a continuous-spray applicator bottle. It will spray a fine mist of their product no matter how you hold the can - sideways, right side up, or upside down.

This is very helpful in making sure you get a good application of the spray - even trying to get your ankles and backs of knees is easy with this spray bottle.

The scent is not too bad (it is a bug spray!), and it does not go on greasy. It is a little on the sticky side until it dries (about a minute or two), but once it is dried there is no residue on your skin.

It works pretty well - I still ended up with a few bites after a morning of gardening, but as I am normally eaten alive, this product really kept the bugs away.

It would be great to take hiking or camping for quick and easy re-applying, I had no problems with it on my sensitive skin. It has 15% DEET, and is sweat resistant.

It is even great to cover your clothing with as well to prevent bugs from using your clothes as a way to get to un sprayed areas :)

I jeep several cans of this around the house - one outside in my garden box, one by the back door, and one in the garage so if I decide to make a spur of the moment lawn care trip, I can quickly cover myself in OFF!