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Off To War, With Classic Stratego

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Chris Vervoort By Chris Vervoort on
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Stratego is one of my favorite board games of all time. The game is basically about setting up three rows of pieces on one side of the board. The pieces have a number on them, or they show a picture of a bomb, have an S on them, or are the Flag. You have to get the opponents Flag before they get yours. You can only see the fronts of your opponents pieces, which do not reveal what that piece is, they all look the same on one side.

This game is not a thing you do every day just cause' your bored. It's a big deal. Setting up and putting away takes only a little less time than the actual game. It takes a lot of strategy to set up your pieces. I like to put my flag in the corner, the two things nearest are a spy and a 1, the best pieces on the board. Those two pieces are locked in by a diagonal wall of bombs. The things nearest to the wall of bomb are 2s and 3s which are locked in by one final row of bombs. Then all I have to do is take out all the opponents 8 pieces (the only piece that can get past a bomb) and I win. If they do get past the first row of bombs, my 2s and 3s will kill them. If they send in stronger guys that kill the 2s and 3s, then their stronger guys will hit the next wall of bombs. So lets say they somehow still have 8s left. They send in an 8 and he takes out that row of bombs. Now the spy of the 1 will kill his 8. Then they need to send in a 1, or a spy to kill my 1, or spy. Once they kill both of them, they need even more 8s to get through the last row bombs. By this time I have either found their flag, killed their strong pieces, or taken out their 8s. My own personal strategy. Feel free to use it.

The game takes about an hour and a half to set up, play, and put away. Most people don't want to play with me because it takes so long to set up. I even enjoy setting up though. Occasionally trying new strategies and whatnot. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys other such games as Chess or even Checkers to a certain degree. Strategy board games certainly take skill and a lot of precise thinking. Another stratagem to success is not only thinking about your own pieces, but thinking about where your opponent has placed his based on his personality. For example, I'm sneaky and usually come the closest to cheating just to win. My strategy in Stratego is always to set it up so the odds are nearly completely against my opponent, not only does he have to do all that was mentioned above, but he first has to find my pyramid. And if I trick him (personality!) into thinking my flag is on the other side by putting a few stray bombs over there, it will give me more time to hunt down his flag or his 8s. Any lover of other strategy games will thoroughly enjoy Stratego.