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Office Phone At Its Lighest

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lapispanulat By lapispanulat on
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Or one of the lightest, that is.

The Nokia E71 phone was issued to me as a company phone (one of the perks of being in the executive ranks) so that we could make official calls to officemates and business partners without worrying about paying additional costs from our pockets.

I've been using this phone for over four months now and so far this phone hasn't given me any problems at all. With dimensions of 114 x 57 x 10mm and a weight of only 127 grams, you would not even feel that its in your pocket. It is so lightweight that you may think you left it in your house or car!

When it comes to performance, this is quite superb. The keypad, with its QWERTY format, is so easy to use. Its like typing on a normal keyboard. It also has a five-way scrolling mechanism to browse through the display screen like your using a mouse to browse the internet. The display screen is very good, too. I do not encounter any difficulty reading text messages or when browsing the internet.

The best thing with this product is its accessibility to the internet. With its WI-FI 802.11b/g feature, I can connect to the internet whenever I find a good "hot-spot."

Available in White Steel, Gray Steel, Black and Red.

I definitely suggest people, especially the businessmen, to try this product. It will be worth your every penny.

Update On Dec 07, 2009: I had a very bad news this morning, as I was on my way to the office. My phone slipped from my pocket and fell outside the public utility vehicle where I was riding (it was a jeepney). I was actually sitting in front, beside the driver. Unfortunately, my phone fell outside the jeepney and sadly I was not able to see who the "lucky" person (who picked it up) was.

I looked for a couple of seconds and when I thought the person was longer in the area to look for the rightful owner, I opted to continue on my way to the office. There I managed to contact my number and talked to the person who picked up my phone, twice. But on my third try to call and talk to him, so I could negotiate with him on how I could retrieve my phone, I could no longer contact my number. The phone was dead.

I guess, that phone was not really meant to stay with me for a longer period of time. I hope it will be of good use to its new owner.

Hmmm... Guess I should be looking for a new one. ^_^