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Office Space On Dvd

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By schimj on
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Office Space on DVD is a cult classic comedy that stars Ron Livingston (Swingers, HBO's Band of Brothers) as an average guy who works at a company in the corperate world, and is bored with his lot in life from his job to his girlfriend. He ends up going to a hypnotherepist who zonks him out, but trough a strange twist of fate, he never comes out of his hypnosis. He then coasts through his days at work, doing only what he'd like. It is a great movie for anyone who has had a job they didn't like or a boss they thought was too demanding.

I think this is a great movie. I love this movie, and have watched it several times, and I enjoy all of the acting in the movie. Also appearing in the film are Jennifer Aniston (Friends) and Deidrich Baeder (The Drew Carrey Show) as a new love interest and his blue collar next door neighbor who has an interesing philosophy on life. I really enjoyed everything about this movie, including some of the other performances, namely The Bobs, who are "efficiency experts, " one of whom is played by John C. McGuilney (Dr. Cox from Scrubs). I also enjoyed that after Livingston was hypnotised he lost his verbal filter and started telling people what he really thought, and that he started doing only what he wanted at work. I also enjoyed the scenes that took place in the resturant in which Aniston's character works.