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Office Trays Cracked Under Pressure

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rdlns By rdlns on
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I work at a mid-size metal fabrication company. I'm in the accounts payable department and we have massive amounts of invoices, PO's and other paperwork that come in on a daily basis. Enough paperwork that I currently have 6 deep storage trays on my desk. All of those trays are filled to the top with paper every single day before filing. I was recently needing some additional trays just to handle the load. I have some of the "mesh look" wire baskets and really like them. They have a nice look, they hold up to the pressure of large stacks of paper, but the new ones were not going to be seen so I decided to go for a cheaper option. I purchased item 999-207. Letter size desk trays. Clear. Side loading. This item came with two of the stackable trays. The 2-pack was only 12.99 which didn't seem like a bad price and I usually order supplies through office depot because they're shipping is quick and it's the same place we order our paper from which racks up alot of member rewards points and in turn gives us alot of coupons. Office Depot does have a problem with packaging sometimes so I wasn't too surprised, but quite disappointed from the moment I opened the box. First off, a piece of the corner had broke off during shipping, which could be the result of shipping. It didnt really affect the tray's holding abilities so I kept it and used it anyways. After putting my first stack of papers in, however, the tray bent and and began cracking. It can not hold the weight of a normal stack of papers. Let me compare the stack to one ream of copy paper. All of my other trays can hold at least twice that much without bending. The tray was trendy, shaped nice and clear in color and if you don't have an abundance of papers to put in then the storage capacity is I suppose average, but the durability and quality for anything over a couple of sheets is less than desired. I had to invest a little more on my next purchase and go for the wire mesh baskets. These trays, though cheaper definitely let me down. They cracked under pressure and my heavy work load. I will not purchase this brand or type of desk tray again. On the bright side, Office Depot did refund my purchase price.