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Office Warfare Airzooka Air Gun

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The Airzooka Air Gun from thinkgeek.com: A wanted addition to anyone who feels the need to bring a little mischief into the office or home. This device propels a blast of air for an amazingly long distance, and the air blast arrives at its target with enough force to create a sizeable amount of harmless havoc at the point of impact.

The Airzooka is very easy to operate. Simply pull back on the elastic tethered hand hold, aim, and let go, resulting in a powerful and concentrated blast of air that travels with surprising accuracy. When aimed at a desk, papers will fly. When aimed at someone starting a smoke break, the match or lighter will go out. When aimed at a spouse, girlfriend or sister working on the hair, 'mussing up' is guaranteed. Accuracy and force of impact drops fairly dramatically past 20 feet of range, as the concentration of the blast tends to disperse past that point.

Drawbacks to this clever device include it's size, which makes stealth very difficult. Ambushes are a better tactic instead of deliberate time consuming aiming. And the noise made when the Airzooka is 'fired' can best be described as a loud muffled pop. The whole gang, at home or office, will know when a strike has been launched. And, as previosly mentioned, it is rather too large to sneak into meetings, unless previoiusly hidden beneath the coffee cart.

Overall, for the money, this product is a good value. For less than $15 one may possess a harmless home or office 'weapon' with a functional design, with little or no chance for malfunction. A great addition to one's arsenal in the war zones of the modern home or office.