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Oh A Sexy Comedy Don't Mess With The Zohan!

Reviewing: 20th Century Fox Don't Mess With The Zohan  |  Rating:
By Shafi Choudhury on
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I am writing this review to help those who want to buy this movie. I have clearly written about the film only and below are a list of sections I hope will fill your minds with the information needed for this film.

Brief plot of the story

Cast and characters

Criticism received

What I liked/disliked

What is my opinion about the movie?

Will I recommend it to others?

Brief plot of the story

The story is about an Israel's hero named Zohan Dvir who fakes his own death and tries fulfilling his own dream to become a hairstylist in New York City.

Cast and Characters

Adam Sandler as Zohan

John Turturro as Fatoush

Nick Swardson as Michael

Mariah Carey as herself

Dina Doron as Zohan's mother

Shelley Berman as Zohan's father

And many more...

Criticism received - Oh my...

The film was given some mixed reviews and was scored 54 out of 100. Some had said that the move contains a messy plot as well as dumb humour with comic ideas which explode viewers with laughter.

What did I like/dislike?

The main thing I enjoyed about this movie was because it had a lot of sex comedy. It brings a lot of laughs nearly every few minutes and the movie goes on like this all the way through.

However, what I disliked was that movie keeps going with the same style and it does not contain any tension or new excitement. This is one reason why I started falling tired on my seat. A movie usually has some different types of excitement building and it does not stick with the same idea.

I thought the storyline was a little messy as well because there were no serious moments but maybe I can hold this to the end where a little did enter the movie. Otherwise it was poor that it had hardly any.

What is my opinion of the movie?

I remember watching this in the cinema with a smile on my face all throughout the movie. The movie is full of comic ideas and it will keep you bursting with laughter after every few minutes. If you are into a sex comedy film then this will not let you down!

However, even though the film has a lot of comic laughs throughout, the plot is a little messy. There is not enough seriousness in the movie which builds excitement and this can get quite boring without it.

At first, I sat down watching the first several minutes and I enjoyed what I had spent my money on, but while the movie kept going, I started fidgeting a lot and getting restless. It began to bore me even though there were more laughs coming and going.

Will I recommend it to others?

If you are a into a sex comedy film then I will definitely recommend this for you as it has many laughs throughout the movie which will not disappoint you.

However, id you recommend a serious movie with tension and so on, I would strongly say to forget this movie as it does not contain much of the serious parts needed to entertain you.

Overall, it is a funny film that I did enjoy until a while later when I started getting a little bored.