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Oh Geoffrey!! I'd Be Lost Without You...Really!

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By melissa on
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Now I know you are wondering...who is Geoffrey? Geoffrey is my GPS navigation system. He is a Garmin nuvi 350 GPS. He is named after the butler from the show "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and yes he speaks to me in an English accent. That is only one of the few amazing features of this GPS.

My cousins came down from New York last night and they had one of these and I fell in love it. I get lost everywhere I go and this thing has helped me out soooo well. It is small and very lightweight. I can easily put it in my jacket pocket if I wanted to. The mount that comes with it, is pretty good with the car, I barely use it. The battery life is not the best when it is not hooked up the car charger but it is alright. I am always charging it when not using it or when it's in my car.

It has light grey and has a 3.5" TFT-LCD color display and it is touch screen. It has roadmaps for the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It has a feature where you can connect it to your computer and download updated maps. It even has an MP3 player on it, which I admit I have never used since I have my own Ipod. It has an voice prompts which you can turn on or off with directions. You are able to choice the gender of your audio and choose from several different accents and that's how Geoffrey was born for me.

This also features JPEG viewer, world travel clock with time zones, measurement converter, a currency converter, and a calculator. You can also get a memory card inm it to store more MP3's, etc. It has a feature where you program locations you use often. This GPS also features a search where you are able to search for nearby hospitals, certain food places, gas, hotels, etc... A great feature also is when looking for places it gives you the phone number and address so you can even call a place after locating it on your GPS.

I honeslty think this is definitely worth the money and I can promise I would be lost without my Geoffrey. Even the guy I'm seeing is jealous of Geoffrey...lol.