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Oh No! My Power Cord Is Beeping?

Reviewing: Dell Inspiron/1501 Laptop Power Cord  |  Rating:
Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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I tend to wear out laptop cords rather quickly. They do not make a cord that will last me more then about a year. I use my battery when I am in a hurry, but my power cord gets most of the abuse.

I have learned to always have a replacement. Many bad episodes with laptop power cords has tought me this valuable lesson.

To me, the best feature of the Dell Power Cord is that it has a built in warning which lets you know your power cord needs to be replaced. A beeper goes off when the power cord quits working.

Recently, when my power cord went out, I did not realize it had happened until I heard the beeping. I had been running on battery power only. I tend to loose myself in what I am doing on the computer paying attention to nothing else. This beeper kept me from allowing my battery to loose all of its charge while I was lost in my work. This gave me the time to save my work and change power cords before my battery lost all its power, and my computer shut down.

This feature alone saves me a great deal of frustration, but this cord does have a couple of other features which I like.

The length of the cord is more then adequate. The HP I use to have did not have a cord which was this long.

It does not get as hot as other power cords I have used.

It does last me a bit longer then other cords I have used. They burn up much faster.

They do have great quality and are not as touchy as others tend to get.

The connector which connects to the computer does not wear out or start getting loose and not wanting connect. Connector difficulty was always a problem with my the power cord on my old HP Laptop.

One drawback to this power cord is in its price which is a bit more expensive then some I have seen. (Although, I got this one on sale.) This is one item I do not believe in purchasing cheap. Power cords come from Dell for my laptop no matter what they cost.

Another Drawback to this and all laptop power cords is that they do not last as long as power cords for most other electronics. Much of this is because of the heat they produce. The Dell Power Cord may last a bit longer then others, but not as long as I would like it too.

The amount of time these cords will last will always depend on the amount of use. My laptops, take a pounding. I can't blame the power cord for this.

I would recommend anyone who owns any laptop to keep an extra power cord around.

The Dell Power Cord will tell Dell owners when they need a new cord. Make sure you have one around, it could save you a lot of headache.