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Oink Oink Has Another Favorite Food!

Reviewing: Pro Plan Purina Kitten Chicken/Liver Wet Food  |  Rating:
lexxia By lexxia on
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Back to another installment with our little adoptee - LG (stands for Little Gray). She had a nice surprise come in the mail for her just a few weeks ago - two 85g tins of kitten food just for her.

These were promoting new products that Purina wants to get in front of consumers and if our cat has anything to say about the longevity of these products, they'll be around for some time. She absolutely loved them! The downfall however, is that she is almost strictly a dry cat food cat and the introduction of wet foods into her diet upset her chemistry just slightly but if nothing else can be said for her, she is definitely a very prepared cat. After eating her "treat" which my daughter actually fed to her and had I realized it, would have instructed her to introduce very slowly - she sat near her litter box "just in case" and remained in the area of it until she was certain she would be ok.

The smell of this cat food is not unpleasant, although I don't like wet cat or dog foods simply for that reason - she received Chicken and Liver Entree which includes in the ingredients chicken, liver, fish and of course meat byproducts as well as Brewer's rice, vitamins and minerals.

Our precious little oink oink just loved it and has been begging us to provide her with the other can. This one however will be introduced in a much less vigorous manner so that she'll be able to receive 2nd or possibly even 3rd helpings.

The instructions indicate to feed one can per 1-1/2 to 2 - 1/2 lbs of weight but for our little beauty we've decided it would best be served as more or less a "treat" mixed in with her hard food.

Overall, this seems like a good product and I would imagine it will run in the price range of a few dollars per can. I think I would purchase this product occasionally but wouldn't make it our cats main staple diet. She loves her crunchies just a little too much.