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This model has been in my family for many years. It represents the procession in which the bride (in a wealthy family) is transported to the groom's family's house during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644 AD). It was my mother's when she was a child and was a gift from some friends of my grandparents who bought it on a trip to Shanghai . Through out history, weddings in China and many other cultures, have had a large amount of ceremony and ritual (much of them based on specific superstitions).

The figures are mostly made of clay, but there are some metal, wood, and glass pieces. All parts are hand painted, and the painting is very detailed.

It has between 60 and 100 pieces depending on whether you count the loose parts (like umbrellas, flags, and lanterns). The largest pieces are the three sedan cars: One for the bride, one for the matchmaker, and one for the Dajin or 'Good Luck Woman' (who is paid by the brides family to attend to the bride). There are also flag bearers, drummers and other musicians, men on horses, and men with umbrellas.

This was not actually made by King & Country, but they are a company on the web who sometime have similar replicas.

It is a very interesting collection, but it takes a lot of space to display, and takes time to set-up and wrap and box again. I wish that I had space for a custom made glass case to use this as a showpiece on a coffee table. It usually only comes out every couple of years for a festive occasion.