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Old Fashioned Bowl Covers Make Sense

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I never thought I’d say it, but these silly things are a great little product.

My mom always had some of these around the house in the 1950s. For some reason I hated them and vowed I’d never have them in my kitchen... and yet...

A couple of years ago I bought some at the dollar store, and they lasted a couple of years, amazingly enough. So they finally wore out, and I got these off an aisle display at Meijer. And they seem to be better quality than the ones from the dollar store.

I like the size selection pretty well. There are six different sizes although some of them are really similar. There are two really small ones that would fit on a custard cup or other small dish. Two middle sized ones for soup bowls, quart containers, etc, and two larger ones. They don’t look too big, but I just checked and the largest fit on a bowl with a 10" diameter just fine.

They stay on the bowl when cling wrap never seems to. You can use them when you just want short-term storage and hate to transfer a food item to some plastic container with a lid. Hubby keeps one over his grape juice pitcher because the only pitcher he will use has an open top.

These do have to be washed by hand, and dry better if they are hung over a wooden spoon or something. But since I’ve taken to re-using even plastic bags there are usually other plastic things strung around the kitchen.

They came in lemon designs (mine) and strawberries. So you even get something cute for your $2.

And they are actually guaranteed that they will replace them if there is a defect (of course Meijer has a good return policy of their own, but it’s nice to know.)

I didn’t give them a perfect rating because the nature of the product is sort of flimsy... they aren’t meant to last a lifetime, just better than single-use, but not to keep forever.

Made in China.