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Old Mother Hubbard Jumbo Biscuit Bac N Cheese

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By yorb24 on
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I purchased this Old Mother Hubbard Jumbo Biscuit at PETCO because I thought my dogs would be interested in this flavor of biscuit which was Bac ‘N' Cheese. It was fairly cheap so if they didn't like it, then at least not alot of money would be lost. The biscuit was made with real Canadian bacon and eggs. It also contained other good ingredients like whole ground carrots and apples. It even had white cheddar cheese and paprika in it! It sounds like it is almost good enough for a human to eat!

I brought it home and unwrapped the large biscuit. It was too big for either of them to carry around so I just set it on my older dog's bed. The youngest one went over to it and started chewing on it right away. Then eventually the older one started eating it as well. One thing I found with this biscuit unlike others that I have come across is that it crumbles very easily. It didn't take much for it to completely break apart which I suppose was good for both my dogs. They would just eat a little go away and then come back later on and take another piece. This was a complete hit with them. It wasn't long before the biscuit was completely gone. They prefer this flavor way over any other Old Mother Hubbard one. I later purchased the assorted flavors thinking they would enjoy them too. They didn't take to it like this flavor. I do highly recommend Old Mother Hubbard's Jumbo Biscuit in the flavor Bac ‘N' Cheese!