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The movie Opposite Sex released in theatres in 1957, ran for 117 minutes. The movie is billed as a comedy, romance and it does fit both genre. The Movie was nominated for a Global Award but did not win. In 1957 there was no rating of movies so you will not find any parental ratings on this movie.

Opposite Sex released on VHS tape in February of 1995. There is no dvd release date set for this movie. It is also very hard to find in retail stores. You will have to get this movie from online. I found Amazon.com has a few copies and Blockbusters.com.

The movie starts out with four friends having lunch. These are all women who have been married for a bit and some not so happy. There is one in the group that is so happy she will be celebrating her tenth anniversary soon. While some will be happy for this woman's happiness others will find a way to ruin it for her. You see there are some people who are not happy when others are happy. These people must find ways to make everyone as miserable as they are. The movie will revolve around these women and how they handle things going on in their marriages. You will also see new friendships formed and old friendships tested to the braking point. Let me introduce you to some of the great characters you will love to love or love to hate.

June Allyson plays Kay Hilliard a woman getting ready to celebrate her tenth anniversary with her producer husband. Kay is a quite woman who gave up a promising singing career to become a mother and wife. The problem is Kay will find out devastating news that will change her life, as well as her daughter. Kay will at one point seem to hit bottom and decide to fight back. Kay will find that she has to keep it together because she has a daughter that is counting on her.

Leslie Nielson plays Steve Hilliard who is the husband of Kay. Steve is a New York theatre producer who has a play going on. He will offer to let some of his acts be performed for a charity benefit his wife is hosting. Steve will make the biggest mistake of his life when he gets involved with a chorus girl in the show. It doesn't take him long to realize he has made a mistake but maybe too late. Steve broke it off with the chorus girl because he does love his wife and doesn't want to hurt his daughter.

Ann Sheridan plays Amanda Penrose who is Kay's best friend. Amanda is another playwriter and spends a lot of time writing her own plays. Amanda will take Kay away on a vacation to help clear Kay's mind. She thinks Kay is playing right into the hands of the other woman. Amanda will urge Kay to fight for what is her's. Amanda will be the only true friend Kay has who stands by her all through the movie.

Joan Blondell plays Edith Potter another one of Kay's friends. Edith is happily married to Phelps Potter who works all the time. Edith doesn't mind Phelps working because she has her friends as well as seven kids. I forgot she has one in the oven too. Edith is a very quiet woman, not to mention passive. She will go along with others instead of standing on her own. I think by the end of the show she is having her ninth child. The humorous part of all these kids is that they are all girls.

Dolores Gray plays Sylvia Fowler. Sylvia is a friend of Kay's too but not a very good one. Sylvia will find out about Steve's affair with the chorus girl, while having her nails done. She can not wait to tell Kay. The problem with that is the other women in the group will not let her. When Kay admires Sylvia's nails that will be the opening Sylvia is looking for. Sylvia will suggest that Kay go to Olga to get her nails done. Seems this Olga loves to gossip and she doesn's know who Kay is. Sylvia will have to face her own demons when she finds out her husband is cheating on her. Sylvia is the type of person who feeds on others misery.

Joan Collins plays Crystal Allen. It seems Crystal has a way about her that men can not resist. This cute little vixen just plays all the angles to get what she wants and what she wants is Steve Hilliard. She will find ways to run into him and his daughter.

These are Kay's closest friends but it seems friends cannot heal a broken heart. Maybe a trip to Reno Nevada can. There is a lovely ranch in Reno that houses women waiting for divorces. This ranch is great because while the women are waiting to see the judge they can keep busy with all sorts of activities. Here she will meet some women who will become good friends. When the women leave the ranch they are officially divorced. You will also meet a young man named Buck, played by Jeff Richards. Buck is the resident Romeo. It seems the women spend time fighting him off they forget about their troubles, at least for a little while. You will like Buck he has that southern twang that will make you melt or at least most women.

Kay will make two very good friends on this trip to Reno. The first woman she meets is just a fun-loving woman who is on her seventh or eight divorce. Countess D'Brion, played by Agnes Moorehead. Countess D'Brion called Countess by most of her friends. She loves being marriage and she doesn't mind getting divorced either. It seems going to the ranch in Reno is just like going on vacation. The Countess will show Kay how to celebrate divorce. The next woman Kay meets is getting a divorce from her husband because she fell in love with another man. This other man is a married man but he is getting a divorce too. The second new friend is Gloria Dell who played by Ann Miller. Gloria is very sweet but she is one who will take on the world if need to protect what is her's. Gloria will find that the love of her life is the ex love of Sylvia's life and that will make for a showdown. Kay will return home to her daughter a new woman. She will find the strength to go on with her life and find happiness or maybe she will fight for her old life back. Either way she will do it with style and grace, not to mention some laughs.

Opposite Sex is a movie made about women for women. You will find that the main characters are strong women and the men, well are only there to help the story a long. You will find there is romance and music all through the movie. I also found that a cat fight here and there keeps you interested.

My Opinion:

I found this movie funny in spots and sad in others. Opposite Sex made you want to beat the guy over the head with a stick for throwing away his life. I loved the scene at the ranch in Reno because Buck is so funny. Buck finds that he can charm all the women with his boyish looks and southern speech. The ending is what surprised me the most because no one saw it coming. There are moments of suspense when you wonder who is sneaking around with who. I highly recommend it to all my friends. I think once you sit down and watch it you will like it too.

I have to say that I also loved seeing some of these stars in their youth as we know most of them in their later years. Agnes Moorehead played Endora on Bewitch. The woman playing Olga is Alice Pearce is none other than Gladis Kravitz from Bewitch. I am sure you recognize Joan Collins not only did she become a writer but she played on Dynasty for a few years. It was good seeing what they all look like when they were young.

Update On Sep 06, 2010: I am not a professionals writer. I was watching this movie the other day and thought it was something others would enjoy. I apologise upfront for any grammar errors that I may have. I am not someone who went to college to learn formal writing. I wrote this in hopes that someone will read this review and want to watch the movie.