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Old Navy Underwear

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By shiangsta on
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They normally would call me old fashioned from the way I refuse to listen to rap or want to change my hairstyle to like david beckham. However when it comes to my underwear, it is boxerbriefs ALL THE WAY. NO more tighty whity or loose fit boxers. I am a big fan of boxer briefs. They are comfortable and well... comfortable. Afterall, isn't that all that really matters? My brand of choice is, as the title would indicate, Old Navy.

To be honest, for a guy all you really want is something to cover up the family jewels and there are a few simple criteria. 1. ensure blood and air circulation, 2. Easy access, and 3. comfortable. Old Navy boxers satisfy all three requirements.

Lets talk about fabric. It feels nice to the touch... and that's pretty much all I know in that subject. Oh, and as I read the tag, it says 100% cotton. However from the way it feels, the material breaths and allows the necessary circulation of air while maintaining bloodflow. Safety first right?

I think all the guys would know what I am talking about when I say easy access. The ladies... well, you don't have to worry about that anyways. It has built in hole at the front, saving time. I mean, sometimes when you have to go, you really do have to go, and easy access becomes EXTREMELY important.

Old Navy boxer briefs are comfortable. Period. they fit very well, do not ride up, and are cheap enough that you can dispose of them when those desirable features start to wear out over time. The elastic band is wide and isn't too tight that it would leave a red mark but is also not loose enough that it would slide down. Perfect.

You notice I do not talk about the design color... that is because personally, I like to my boxers to be one generic color and simply comfortable. For those of you out there who enjoy a fashionable underwear so that your lady friend would know you have style once she sees it, i personally think is a tad unnecessary. I mean if you are already at the point where she is seeing your underwear, I don't think she would mind if it wasn't Ralph Lauren with a man on a horse riding on your booty.

If you seek simplicity, value and comfort. I say, go for Old Navy. It satisfies all the simple needs and that is all most of us ask for in life. :)