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Old Trusty Laptop

Reviewing: Fujitsu Fmv Biblio Nb 55 M  |  Rating:
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The Fujitsu FMV Biblio Laptop is a laptop model of 2005. It features Intel Celeron 1.4 Mhz Processor, 512 MB Onboard Memory, 14 inch LCD Display, 40 GB Hard Disk Drive, a DVD Writer, Gigabit Ethernet, ATI Radeon x300 Graphics chipset and WIFI. This laptop came from Japan and bought it second hand for around 400 dollars.The laptop is heavy around 3 kilograms. I am using this laptop for almost a year now. First the laptop is very poor performance because it only sports Celeron processor. I though I would throw this laptop away.

One day I have noticed that the laptop is almost as useless to use because of it's very slow response time. It is very heavy and generates a heat that you could almost get bruised if you put your hand near the fan outlet for a long time.

The time I would dispose this laptop, I found out that this little worthless machine can become a very promising machine. I found some parts from other defective laptops and the when I tinkered my laptop. I found out the laptop memory can be upgrade up to 1.5 GB and it's processor can be upgraded to a Pentium M mobile processor.

I studied my laptop by disassembling it and checking where the processor resides and then found out that indeed, the processor can be replaced, also there is a memory slot available for upgrade.

I replaced my old Celeron processor with a Pentium M 1.7 GHZ processor and bought from e-bay a 1 GB DDR 333 processor. Then when I tested it voila, the rusty old laptop became almost brand new laptop.

I am now not ashamed to use this laptop even though it's kinda old because I can do what I wanted it to do and it can do it more responsively. It can also run VISTA and I hope Windows 7 too. I don't want to throw this away anytime soon.

So my dear readers, the next time you would buy a new laptop, make sure it can be upgraded soon like my FMV Biblio Notebook, netbooks may be great but still it would never can replaced a notebook / laptop. Because it has a room for upgrade and the parts are cheaper nowadays.

I hope that you're reading this not by because of the point but also it can guide you on your next purchase of laptop. Thank you.