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Oldcastle Chisel Wall Block Ideal For Homeowners

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Retaining Wall Block

Oldcastle Chisel Wall Blocks are ideal for the homeowner who enjoys do it yourself landscape projects. These blocks can be used in landscape designs for flower beds, garden walls and small retaining walls. I have used Oldcastle Chisel Wall Block for small retaining wall projects around my home. The hand chiseled stone appearance is very attractive and projects are relatively easy to construct. I used a hand held tile saw to cut my block to create a crisp, sharp edge on the visible face.

Oldcastle Chisel Wall Blocks are 12 inches long x 7 inches deep x 4 inches high. Cap block are 12 inches x 8 inches x 2 inches. Blocks are made from concrete. A regular block weighs 27 pounds each and a cap block weighs 13 pounds each. Since they are made from molded concrete, each block is virtually the same size and shape. Oldcastle Chisel Wall Blocks are available in various color shades. Color shades can vary from season to season, or from lot to lot. It may be a good idea to purchase enough block to complete the project to guarantee a color consistency.

Regular blocks have a lip along the lower back edge to lock rows together. The lip feature also serves to recess the upper row so that the finished wall is not completely vertical. This helps to strengthen the wall. The sides of the block are mitered inward so that a wall can be constructed with curves and contoured to the landscape. Cap block are rectangular.

The recommended maximum height is six rows. I have built a retaining wall that is four rows high (three regular block and a cap block), although this was a short section. Most of the retaining wall sections that I have constructed are three rows high (two regular block and a cap block). I would consider using another style of block for retaining walls higher than three rows for pressure considerations. A flower bed built next to a house will not have the same pressure as a retaining wall constructed along a bank.

The walls that I have constructed with Oldcastle Chisel Wall Block are very stable. I constructed my retaining walls on a solid base and I have not seen any signs of settling. As with any do it yourself project, you get out of it what you put into it. I like to build things that will last. Not only are block retaining walls more attractive than landscape timber retaining walls, the concrete material will not decay over time as rapidly as wood. Another nice feature with an Oldcastle Chisel Wall Block project is the project does not have to be completed in one day.

If you very particular about appearance you will want to pick through the block carefully before purchasing, scar marks on the face are visible. There are dividers between the block, however, some scarring can occur during transportation.

Overall I am satisfied with Oldcastle Chisel Wall Block. The biggest drawback is the price.