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Oldcastle Empire Decorative Stone Lawn Edger

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My ex-husband is great at fixing things inside the house but when it comes to the garden, he has a black thumb. He wants a beautiful yard but is clueless on how to achieve it so I spend alot of time over his house helping him out.

He wanted to find some edging for his garden that runs along the front of his house and then down the side. He wanted something to keep the grass from creeping into the garden area but it also had to be decorative too. He has 2 large dogs that play in the front yard plus he smashes into things all the time with the lawnmower so it had to be able to stand up to abuse without cracking or falling over all the time.

We shopped around the local garden centers and brought home a few different choices which he laid out in the garden and looked at for a few weeks. The style we ended up choosing was the Oldcastle Empire Edger. We liked this one because it is made of stone and have variations in the color so it blends in and looks very natural. Each piece sells for $3.24 at Lowes and looks like it is individual small stones but it is in fact 15 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches high. We found it much easier to go with the longer pieces than to have placed many small individual stones. The longer, heavier design is also sturdier than individual stones and is harder to knock over.

When we went to install the edging, he thought it was a little higher than he wanted so we ended up digging a trench about an inch deep and placing them in that. He has found that digging them down has helped to keep his grass from going under it and spreading into the garden bed and has also helped them to stand up better and not fall over. The edging was very easy to install and the only problem we had was when we had to go around the corner to the side of the house. He wanted that bed to be rounded and when you are working with a piece of stone that is 15 inches long, that's hard to do. We had to go out a little wider here than originally planned and the curve is not perfect, but we were able to round it off some.

The edging has been in place now for almost 2 years and has weathered well. There has been no color change and no cracking or breaking. He is very please with his choice.