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Olympic Premium Paint

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For the project I am helping my ex-husband with, we are taking the wall surrounding his fireplace and boxing it in with wainscoting. This is a 2 step process. Step one was to paint the wall underneath in a semi gloss paint in one color. Step 2 was adding the wood strips over this color in white to complete the wainscoting look.

We knew we had to plan out the placement of the wood carefully so before we did anything else, we drew out the pattern we wanted on the wall in pencil. In one of the pictures I have above you can see what the wall looked like when we were done. My ex got a little carried away and some of the marks were very dark. We chose a color called Heavy Cream for the base color because we thought it would look really nice under the strips of wood that were going to be painted white. We wanted this wall to really pop and be a focal point so instead of using an eggshell paint like we have in all the other rooms in his house, this wall we painted in a semi-gloss.

I did not prime the wall before I painted it and I was painting over the original chalky paint they painted the walls with when the house was built. Between the nasty paint already there and the pencil marks, I was sure I was going to have to do 2 coats for this step but I was wrong. I had to really load the roller up but the paint rolled on smooth and gave great coverage in the first coat. I have a second picture of the wall after this coat was applied. The paint came out of the can mixed well and had a nice thick texture to it. This paint has a very low odor both when you are painting and when it is up on the walls. I have used it in several small rooms in his house and even though I am susceptible to smells making me sick, this one I can barely detect at all.

It took about 2 hours for the paint to be dry to the touch and even when it dried, there was no bleed through. The color was even and the pant had just a small amount of a sheen to it. Clean up is about the same as with any other paints. I really loaded up the roller to get a good coat so it took a few more rinses to get it all out but nothing that did not clean up with soap and water.

We purchased this paint from Lowe's and what I really like about this brand is that in the section where all the color swatches are, in addition to the little strips that list several shades of that color, they have little books that group all the colors together in collections. These collections range from cool colors to dark and rich colors and they all work together to reach a desired look. The collection we have been working from for several rooms in his house is called "The colors were so dark and rich". These are totally different colors from gold to blue to cream that can all be combined to get a different look in each room but all tie together for a uniform look in the house. I have really enjoyed working with this paint and I will use it again.