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Omega Tv Unit W3 Shelves; 4 Drawers

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Over a year ago we upgraded our TV to a 52", and needed to buy a TV stand that could accommodate this big ol' television. Up until a couple months ago, we continued to use our old entertainment stand which obviously was too small for our new TV. While visiting my brother in Denver, we fell in love with the TV stand he had. After we found out where he purchased it, I got home and searched the internet to place my order, only to find out that I couldn't order from their catalog online. That's a whole other story, but in the end I got the unit.

But, please read on...

I love the design of Scandinavian furniture because of it's simple lines. I think one of the reasons I hadn't replaced my old TV stand was because the entertainment units I was shopping for were sooo expensive. So finding a stand that was large enough, AND affordable was exciting! Now for the drawback... you have to assemble it. It took us a whole day to do it, but it was worth it. After it all came together, it was beautiful, and sturdily built. When we put our TV on it, and got everything hooked back up again (another half a day!), I was thrilled. Even though the stand was larger, it made the room look bigger! I think it's because it has a low profile, which is another feature I had been looking for.

The Omega TV unit measures 82"W X 23.5"D X 19.25"H. If you have a lot of wall space this stand fits in perfectly. The only color it comes in is 'Venge', which is a dark, dark brown, almost black, and it's finished in a melamine material. The catalog says it will fit up to a 42" flat screen, but if you look at my photo, you can see that my 52" TV fits on it just fine with room to spare. Another nice plus are the 4 drawers for storing DVD's, remotes, or whatever. It's a good place to stash owner's manuals that belong to the TV, receivers, and other electronics.

As I mentioned before, I could not place this order online and have it delivered. You have to visit the store to place the order. I soon found that the store goes by two different names, depending on what state you live in. And the company isn't in every state, so that could be a problem. Fortunately, there is one of the furniture stores near me (which I wasn't aware of at first because of the dual names), so things turned out fine in my case. But if you're looking for a location close to you, you need to look for either Dania Furniture, or Scandinavian Designs. Search for your nearest location under EACH name because the locations will be different depending on which one you look at.

When you find what you're looking for at the store, you then place an order and have to go back in a few days for a pick up. Seems like a lot of messing around, but in the end it's worth it if you want something badly enough. It definitely was worth it for me!

Here are the web sites to each store: http://www.scandinaviandesigns.com/ and http://daniafurniture.com/