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Omnifilter Whole House Filter Cartridge

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By ncmom on
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My husband installed our water filter and we are lucky that the water tank is located in the laundry room so that he can easily access the unit to change the filter cartridge often.

I love our mountain well water but it does have more sediment in it than I would like. I guess that goes with the territory though, as we are in an area that is famous for gem mining. Our neighborhood was once in fact, the site of a Mica mine which is fun for our kids because often they are able to find small chunks of mica in the field behind our house. But, that means that there are lots of minerals and sedimentation in the ground beneath, which is where our drinking water comes from.

The sediment in the water doesn't change the color of the water as we see it in the glass but you can tell when the filter needs to be changed because the toilet starts developing coloration when not used often.

It is relatively easy for my husband to change the filter but I know that I would never want to have to do it on my own. The process consists of turning off the water coming into the house and then removing the bottom plastic container on the filter unit to get to the filter cartridge itself. The plastic container is always filled with a gallon or so of water so he has to use a big bucket to catch the water in it first, and then it is apparently easy to remove and replace the cartidge. If I were doing it I just know that due to the location of the filter I would wind up with a gallon of water in the floor every time I went through the process.

The filter itself is a cylinder type 2-3 inches in diameter and maybe 12 - 14 inches tall. It has many "v" folds going around and this is what actually collects and strains the sediment out of the water before it goes into our water tank. It does a very good job at that. It is easy to see when it needs to be changed. It never changes the flavor of the water which I think is perfect.

For now, I am pretty happy with the low cost of this filter cartridge and it does it's job as well as we need it to do if we change it as often as suggested. I just wish that the filter unit itself were easier to use.