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Omnitech Air Keyboard

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Jonny Randall By Jonny Randall on
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I bought the Omnitech Air Keyboard because I had spilt water on my previous keyboard. When I saw this keyboard I thought it was a great idea because of its rubber design - it is virtually spill proof. The Omnitech Air keyboard is the size of a standard keyboard. It is in fact spill proof as I've spilt various drinks and food on it, none of which damaged it in the slightest. The biggest problem with this keyboard is how much pressure is required to push the keys and type. Because of its rubber design the keys require a considerable amount of force to push than a standard keyboard. This causes a lot of stress to the hands and begins to hurt them after a short time of use. The keys are also spaced apart further than a standard keyboard, which leads to a lot of typos initially. It does get better over time as you use the keyboard and get used to the pressure required to type and the spacing of the keys, but after about a year of use it still hurts my hands to type on it after only a short period of time. It is a fairly quiet keyboard to type on, and is certainly much quieter than a standard keyboard. The only other plus side I can add to this keyboard is its portablity becuase it can be rolled up and placed in a large pocket in a bookbag or coat, although this is not much of a feature unless you are moving your computer a lot.