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Omron Pocket Pedometer

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By jennz on
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Most of us have heard it - walk 10, 000 steps per day for better health - but how many of us do it? Forget about 10, 000 steps, how many steps per day do you actually walk? If you're like me you're thinking oh, probably close to 7, 500 or so - throw a fitness walk in there and you're at 10k easy. If you're like me, you're wrong! This nifty little Omron Pocket Pedometer is pretty accurate at measuring your steps and addicting once you start using it. I got this a few weeks ago and love it! (By the way, an average day at home cleaning is around 4k steps, an average day teaching is around 7k steps). It's very easy to calibrate, take 10 steps using your regular stride to get your average and enter it into the pedometer - that's it! You also enter your weight and set it to the current time. This pedometer measures your daily steps, daily aerobic steps, miles walked, and calories burned. Aerobic steps are measured by walking or running at or above a certain pace. The pedometer resets at midnight. THe past 7 days of data are stored on the pedometer. Another great feature of this is that it comes with a USB cord and software to upload to your computer; the software lets you set daily goals for steps, distance, aerobic steps, and calories burned and if you meet or exceed your goal you get a smiley face. Let me tell you - as silly as it sounds it sure is motivational to see that little green guy smiling at me! Another thing I love about this pedometer is the safety cord on it - it has a case it sits in and clips on your pocket, belt, or bag but there is also a safety cord that clips on, so if it slips out of the case you still have it on the cord (yes this works, it's been tested a few times!). Overall - I love this pedometer! If you are considering getting a pedometer definitely take a look at this one. The digital display is very easy to read. If you're not considering getting a pedometer then do and check this one out. Clip it on and start walking, see how much you do or don't walk. It's definitely motivated me to take some extra steps, and it's motivating to see my aerobic steps taken after a fitness walk or run. I clip it on every day!