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O'my Flavoured Lubricants

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O'my makes, in my opinion, one of the finest personal lubriants on the market. I've easily tried over 30 lubes and the only two I buy are O'my and ID Millennium (silicon based). O'My is the best lube EVER for oral sex...it tastes really, really good and it's made of all natural ingredients so it's healthy and doesn't cause any unpleasantness in your mouth.

The lube lasts a very long time (second only to ID's Millennium) and doesn't tend to get sticky or stop working. The quality and feel of the lube is great...it's feels smooth and slick and stays that way -- not requiring frequent reapplication like most common lubes.

The ingredients are all natural: It is based on hemp oil and keeps bacteria free with naturally anticeptic grapeseed oil. Which means, well, it doesn't cause any weird reactions with your private parts and even promotes health there. Seriously, some girls are way more inclined to get yeast infections and have other reactions that can be associated with using sex lubes. But using O'My, you'll not have those issues at all. If you've noticed a correlation between having sex (using lube) and yeast infections afterwards, I'd encourage you to use O'My. The grapeseed will also help prevent yeast infections so that's another bonus.

Ok, let's get to taste and oral sex, shall we? This stuff is the only lube I've ever tasted that I thought, man, that's good. More please. Which is exactly the reaction I want my partner to have! ;) This stuff tastes great. Not, "great, for a lube", I mean this stuff is yummy! I've tried all 3 flavours...my favorite is the orage bottle of passion fruit. It's awesome. The strawberry is also divine and my least favorite is the very passable pina colada...but I don't really like pina coladas anyway so if you do, this could easily be your favorite. And I definitely don't mind having any of them in my mouth.

If you like to go back and forth between oral and regular sex, this is definitely the best lube choice there is. In fact, I can't even think of a second option that is even close. I've tried others that claim to be flavored...but they taste gross, leave your mouth feeling oily and worse, they often are terrible, sticky lubricants. O'My? It's great at everything and the finest lube choice out there for taste, health, natural ingredients and wonderful performance.