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On 4th Of July, We Celebrate Our Independence Day!

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Independence Day is the biggest Box Office published at 1994. This is one of my favorite "legendary" movies. It tells about a mysterious and powerful aliens come and invaded the earth, bring terrors to mankind. Their massive spaceships appear in Earth's skies and shoot destructive beams that burn down entire cities. The Aliens intend to eliminate all human races. Their technology is so powerful and unbeatable. Even a Nuke cannot destroy their ship.

In this case, all human have to cooperate, figuring out how to fight these Aliens. Finally, the professor (Jeff Goldblum) makes a powerful computer virus. Along with a brilliant pilot (Will Smith), they fly to the mother ship, which is located in outer space, and they put the virus into the main system at the mother ship. As a result, the system cannot provide shield protection anymore to the entire spaceships.

This movie is so fantastic. The story line is very good. It tells about human struggle in order to defend their existence, not to be eliminated by the Aliens. The computer effect is not too good since this movie is produced fifteen years ago, but it really pumps up my adrenaline. I watched this movie more than ten times. Actually, I already own this movie at 1994 since the medium was a Laser Disc at that time, but it broke already. So I bought the DVD again as one of my best collections. This movie is produce by Twentieth Century Fox and Centropolis Entertainment Production.