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Once Daily Allergy Pill W No Side Effects!

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This spring, I decided it was time to do something about my allergies. I was tired of trying allergy pill after allergy pill to only feel tired, wiped out, and drowsy and still affected by allergies. I had the classic cases of allergies: runny nose, scratchy, itchy throat and eyes, sneezing. I finally decided to go to my doctor and get a prescription strength allergy medication. My doctor prescribed me once daily Singulair for environmental and indoor allergies.

Initially, I felt my sinuses clear up and my throat irritation dissipate. After a few days, I noticed a full recovery from my allergies! No more runny nose, irritated sinuses, sore throat, or sneezing. The small, square pill I took every morning took care of it all. I felt completely normal and have been taking my Singulair every day. My daughter now also takes Singulair to help with her allerigies in addition to keeping her reactive airway open and clear (to keep bronchitis away). I even noticed over the summer that my allergy to mosquito bites was dissipating as well. The normal welts I received from a mosquito bite looked more like a normal bite that only lasted a few hours rather than the previous 3 days.

I've not felt any of the classic side effects of over the counter allergy medication such as drowsiness and grogginess. In fact, I feel completely perfect. No nausea, no aches, nothing except clear passages. Taking Singulair has been the best move I've ever made for my allergies.