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One Awesome Game! Be A Real Gunfighter For Free.

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I'm glad to share what I find to be one of the best free, multi-player, online games that I have had the pleasure of running into (aside from online poker freerolls, of course!). Wild West Online:Gunfighter is based on ...what else but, gunfighting....and gunfighting ONLY! While there are games that are based on western times, I have never seen one quite like Gunfighter. This beautifully designed, online game allows you to create your own gunfighter, by giving you the option to buy and sell an assorment of hats, pistols, jackets, pants, overcoats, boots and pretty much everything a struggling gunfighter might need to be the best you can be.

In this game, clothing REALLY does make the man. Every article of clothing has different advantages and disadvantages, players can mix and match as they see fit, which really adds to strategy and makes it possible to have a 'one of a kind' gunfighter and not just some cardboard cut-out. Articles of clothing and pistols can also be aquired by defeating computer AI's called Legends. These "legends" are really smart AI gunfighters that you can challenge to a fight. Now at the shop, aside from clothes and pistols you can also buyconsumables:medicine, alchohol, cigars and other similar items. Unlike the items you wear into battle these are items that can be used during battle (which also adds to the tons of options and strategies a player can assemble).

When you are done at the shop, what else to do but shoot down some no-good, low-down, scaliwags? When you start the actual game (assuming you already downloaded and registered...100% free), you are given two options to play, either against the computer or against another human. One can choose to solely play the computer, climb rank, earn money and attempt to out-draw a living "Legend" or play a human, climb rank and earn moneyby killing other human scaliwags like yourself. Being that this game was released 2008, it hasn't gathered enough players to get the most out of human vs human action, but that's where the true fun will be. So how does the game play? Well after challenging a fighter or accepting one (human or computer) you will meet on the dueling floor which can take place in a huge array of different environments. In front of you is your opponent, to your left will be a list of those consumables you had purchased (alcohol, medicine, cigars, etc.). Below you are actions that you can perform to out-wit your opponent.

Gunfighter is a turn based game that is played on a live platform. The options to your left (consumables) and the options at the bottom of the screen (actions) are all you need to play this game as it is a point and click flash-based game. To give you an example of how cool this game is, lets say its my turn...I can choose an action (bottom of screen) or a (comsumables) left side of screen. Consumables usually give you things like energy, better accuracy & health or to stop the bleeding after one has been shot. Actions are the rest of the fight. I can call him names or or stare him down to get him sweating, . I can dodge a bullet if i think he will fire his gun on his turn or I can draw mine before he expects it. Every action has a different effect, for example, one might raise your energy and lower your accuracy and another might do the opposite. Of course, who ever is not dead at the end of the duel, is the winner. You can chat with your enemy soon after the fight if you wanna rub it in.

Now makes this game an even a more unique experience is what lies outside the shop and the actual game. It is the 'Action Grid' and 'Action Setup' pages. The action grid is a shopping mall for actions except you dont pay with money but with points that you get when you rank up. This page allows you to pick from a huge array of actions...so not only do i look unique but I act and fight that too. The 'Action Setup' page is where you choose which actions you will be taking to the fight with you (actions and consubles are limited when it comes to how many you can take into battle with you. Doesn't this sound awesome?

Another plus about this game is that its not offensive at all. When you call each other names (taunting) they are very innocent ...and even amusing. (ex. "scaliwag", "tenderfoot", you'll pay for that!) And there's no blood or gore which surprisingly doesnt take away from the fun of this game at all. It actually can be great to strentghen math skills and just like chess can show how preparation is necessary in life and how the little changes you make can effect alot. The people managing the forum are very friendly and helpful and can provide alot of outside fun.

Thanks for reading my review and I hope this game brings some fun to your household as well as save you a dollar or two.

http://www.wildwestonline.com/ - really worth trying!!