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One Loud Portable Heater

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ooncha By ooncha on
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I live in a city that's windy, foggy, and rainy. My apartment gets no direct sunlight and its in the shade most of the time. So during the winter, it gets pretty chilly in here. The heat vent in my room smells really bad so I avoid using it. So I went to Walgreens and got this smaller $20 heater so I can finally get some heat and also I got sick.

I love how small this thing it! But it only has two settings and it's kind of ugly, bland looking. The box says it's quiet but when I turn it on to the Low heat level, it was LOUD. I mean not loud like a baby crying but it was just loud machine noise. I didn't like that very much. I like to listen to music and because of this heater, i have to turn the volume higher so i can hear. That's how loud it is! The Low setting was a bit too low for me so I switch to High and the noise level didn't get worse it just stayed the same. But the heat was nice! There's a tip over protection thing on the bottom. Basically it's like this short plastic straw looking thing on the bottom that sticks out when it's not pushed in, the heater is off, but if you push it in it will turn back on. This is nice, but it's annoying when you try to put it on surfaces that aren't flat like for example I try to put it on a box. But the box has been curved down due to weight. But that's a small thing and can be easily fixed.

overall, it does a good job keeping me warm during the winter, i just wished it was QUIET