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One Of The Best Games I Have Ever Played

Reviewing: Rockstar Games Vancouver Bully For Ps2  |  Rating:
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This video game is about a boy named Jimmy Hopkins who has been enrolled in Bullworth Academy by his mother who has married five men. He has been suspended from seven schools. As a troubled boy who has lived a tumultuous home life, he has a more serious personality than the other students.

I found this game to be pretty good. And the story is pretty good, especially as you progress through the game. The storyline is non-linear, so instead of a choice of one mission, you usually get a choice of two or three missions. I found that this made the game alot more fun than games with linear gameplay. So whichever mission I thought would be more fun I could do first and the less fun sounding ones last.

The gameplay is great! You fight people, do pranks, and use weapons. I especially like the fighting and weapons. Some of the weapons are stink bombs and firecrackers, but my favorite are firecrackers. I like the fighting, but there are so many combos you may accidently discover some while fighting, if you haven't unlocked them. The city of Bullworth is large enough to explore and has many collectibles. The four neighborhoods are the Town of Bullworth, Old Bullworth Vale, New Coventry, and Blue Skies Industrial Park. They are all very different, so it is important to explore. In each neighborhood, you will unlock "Save Locations". These are places where Jimmy can crash, change clothes, get weapons and ammo, and play games. I find these locations to be very important, especially when Jimmy is out past curfew. You also go to class like in real school. The classes are Chemistry, English, Art, Shop, and, Gym. They are actually minigames.

The controls are good and the game helps you out every step of the way. I liked this especially when the game helps you out with fighting. You make extensive use of them in the class and betting minigames. The only problem I've ever had of the controls is when the game told me to use the "R3" button. I found that to be a hindrance, until I remembered that my PS3's analog sticks click down.

The graphics are ok, but they could've been better. They were more 2D than 3D, compared to PS3 games. The colors are more on the bland and flat side, so they aren't vibrant enough to "pop" off the screen.

The sound and soundtrack was amazing! This was not some run-of-the-mill music. I loved the theme, it was quirky and childish, but in a good way. The fight themes blended well with the cliques, too. The voice acting was the best I've heard in a video game so far, and it was very versatile. No two characters are the sound same.

Overall the game is fun, but I didn't find the replay value to be very high. But I did like the characters the storyline, the soundtrack, and the gameplay. So while you don't have to replay the game, completing the main storyline will give you a 70% completion. The 30% will come from anything else that you haven't done or completed that wasn't in the main storyline.