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One Of The Best Gaming Keyboards Around Reviewed

Reviewing: Razer Tarantula  |  Rating:
By Mike Taylor on
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Ok, so I received this product and let me say that it was packaged amazingly. The box (although rather large and weighty) also displays the main features of the keyboard.

Anyway so to begin with you simply plug the two USB ports into the back of your computer along with the headphone and microphone jacks. However if you decide to upgrade the firmware it can get a little tricky if you are doing it on your own. You have to unplug all cables, then hold down the esc key on the keyboard and while doing so you must reconnect all previously disconnected cables. It is do-able (I managed it just about) but it is awkward.

The software that you do get with this keyboard is awesome. It is very simple to use, just click the key on the screen that you wish to change and type the keystrokes that you wish this key to now perform when pressed. This is very useful when defining the macros (10 - 5 on the left and 5 on the right). The keyboard also features a snooze button, a web programme home page, a rotate key, a zoom in and out key, a 100% zoom key, a button to open a media player (which can be changed using the software), a play, stop, next and previous track key, a shuffle button, volume up and down and finally a mute button. As you can see the keboard is not short on shortcut keys.

Another amazing feature of the keyboard is it's ability to manage 100 profiles (5 of which will be stored in the keyboard itself, meaning that you can unplug the keyboard take it elsewhere and you could still access those profiles).

Overall though I think that if you are not a serious gamer and don't either desire to or already make use of macros then this keyboard could be a slight waste of money and the features would just go to waste.